Frames within a Frame


Invisibles at 23rd, 9/26 in 2017 inspired by #UseThisPhotoBook

Assignment #9 of my year-long photo challenge inspired by Henry Carroll’s Use This If You Want To Take Great Photographs is from page 56: Use framing to create a photograph within a photograph.

I love the city! The variety of people shuffling to and fro, the trains, the honking cabs, the buildings, the shadows, the energy…buzzzzzzzz. I get an energy high from it every time I visit. And while I LOVE the city, I can honestly say I’ve never been a street photographer. I don’t get jazzed running around sticking my camera in peoples’ spaces. It feels intrusive, as if I’m invading their private bubble. I could never be a paparazzi photographer.

And yet, when I’m in the city, especially somewhere like NYC, I *totally* get street photography. Photographic opportunities abound: architecture, people, oddities, crazy shape-shifting shadows are EVERYWHERE. And New Yorkers seem so desensitized to everything, that someone sticking a camera in their face is just another way to interact…or not…whatevs. In one subway interlude, I had a guy rushing past me ask, “d’you get me? d’you get the shot?” “I GOT you,” I smiled and strolled off.

I will say, having a photog buddy with me while shooting street eases my nerves. I was lucky enough to be accompanied by none other than my good buddy Charles Dube, who is not only a street photographer but also happens to be a mean sax blower. Check out his work here. There’s often a reassurance for me that if something goes awry, maybe if I piss off one too many New Yorkers, Charlie’s got my back. But thank goodness this time it didn’t come to that. Maybe next year, Charlie. ;)

Up next? Assignment #10: Page 32.  Contrast movement and stillness in a single frame. Assignment #10 will be posted May 31.




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