Make Light the Subject


girl with ukulele, 7/26 in 2017 inspired by #usethisphotobook

Assignment #7 of my year-long photo challenge inspired by Henry Carroll’s Use This If You Want To Take Great Photographs is from page 62: Make light the subject of your photograph. The opposite of last week’s “photograph a shadow” assignment.

I have to admit, while I always consider light when taking a photograph, I *rarely* make it my subject. Any while it may not be the subject of the photograph I created for this assignment, I definitely think that the light tells the story…it’s the narrator, if you will.

Initially, I wanted spotlight rays/beams on her. This is why I introduced the smoke, to bring out the light rays. It wasn’t until after I took down my set-up that I realized that my aperture setting was too low to catch the rays. I had set it low to catch the bokeh of the curtain behind her. Inevitably, I would never have been able to get the shot I wanted in camera unless I had a really large backdrop and moved her further from it or I took two shots and composed them: one at a wide aperture to create the bokeh background, the second at narrow aperture to catch the beams highlighted by the smoke. So, while this one didn’t fully live up to my hopes and expectations, I still kinda like it.

Up next? Who knows! I’m waiting for my fellow challengers to set Assignment #8! :) Regardless of its details, Assignment #8 will be posted April 30.


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