Yellow 1, 2, 3

I haven’t worked with many models in the past. For whatever reason, I shy from attempting to translate my ideas with the help of others. It makes me hyper self-conscious. This is most definitely a quirk of mine that I’d been wanting to break. But, when one of my drop-dead gorgeous, dearest friends, Simin, asked if she could model for me, I couldn’t resist.

We spent the afternoon last Friday working through various poses, outfits, and props. She was encouraging, unrelentingly patient, and sweet. Thank you for modeling, Simin, and being so supportive. You are a *gorgeous* creature! More Simin photos to come soon. I’m hoping this series is the start of a new and exciting journey. :-)

Many thanks to Thuy of Hier & Haines Salon in McLean, VA for her hair styling prowess. She’s my personal hairstylist, too. She is amazing.

And a special thanks to Nicole Dube for helping make this happen. She lent me that lovely, navy, retro suit Simin is wearing and was (and continually is) an undying source of inspiration.  You are my rock, lady!


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