The Corner


The Corner, Beauty in the Banal: 3/26 inspired by #USETHISPHOTOBOOK

Assignment #3 of my year-long photo challenge inspired by Henry Carroll’s Use This If You Want To Take Great Photographs is from page 15: show beauty in the banal.

Once a symbol of reprimand, the corner has lost its meaning as I age. I pass it every day, multiple times. It takes many forms but serves the same purpose: perimeter enforcement, life containment. But it no longer symbolizes forced pensivity, and for the most part, it goes unnoticed. I take it and its ordinary purpose for granted.

Yesterday, on a school field trip with my eldest to the National Portrait Gallery, the corner reasserted itself, sneaking up to remind me of its original meaning. “This is the spot,” it demanded. “This is the spot where you will sit and think about what you’ve done.” But I rebelled. I stood and stared for a moment, raised my camera in defiance, and ran.

Up Feb 28: “Take a picture that only works in black and white” from page 43 of Use This If You Want to Take Great Photographs.


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