What’s Happening? Merry Everything!

The last several weeks have been a whirl of prep for my second appearance at the Market of Curiosities. If you’re unfamiliar with the Market, back up and click on that link. It’s a hip, happenin’ craft show held every year early December in Carlisle, PA. I know; I know. Visions of crocheted doilies may be dancing in your head when you read “craft show.” But venders at the MoC have sworn to bring you only the hippest creations. Check out the vendor list for yourself.

My photo bestie, Nicole Dube, and I have participated in the market 2 of the last 3 years. Our first year, Nic and I ran a smashingly successful circus-themed booth. This year we wooed the crowd with a hipster-inspired “Merry Everything” booth.

I pulled together the backdrop with a few 1 in. X 3 in. furring strip boards, that I stained, painted, and distressed. (Pictures of this process below if you’re curious.) The ever-resourceful Matthew Bennett, of Plan B Designs, worked out the logistical kinks of supporting our 5 ft. by 8 ft. backdrop. And Nic worked her designer flair by procuring vintage flannels, accessories, and props from the coolest vintage spot in Carlisle, Miss Ruth’s Time Bomb.

The result of all this hard work?


A totally adorable photo booth, right? Many thanks to our models, Hillary and Jared!

Mark your calendars for the first Saturday in December 2017 because you will not want to miss next year’s Market.

Merry Everything!

Pictures from the backdrop creation process:


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