the consequence of being a *itch

the consequences of being a *itch

the consequences of being a *itch

This photo is in response to a photo club challenge: “the deader the better.”

While my initial read of the challenge trended toward thoughts of gore and torture, let’s face it, that’s just not my style. I’ve done “creepy” projects before, but they tend to evolve into something else. I chalk this up to early-life trauma, 3rd grade to be exact, resulting from a visit to my hometown Kmart haunted house. It was universe-altering. Since then, I avoid such things. Oh sure, curiosity sometimes gets the best of me, and I’ll venture off to explore terrifying ideas. But I always default to a light-hearted image with a darker subtext.

Many thanks to those of you who were an inspiration for this image, particularly
Robert Alleyne’s S + S book and Lisa Reinhammar (@flliissaan on Instagram)!

Check them out below!

photo by Robert Alleyne

photo by Robert Alleyne

More from Robert:


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