The Next Revolution in Photography Is Coming


Just wanted to share an interesting article on photography as we know it and its future by Stephen Mayes. In it he discusses the upcoming potential of photography’s evolution and warns:

“We owe it to the medium that we’ve nurtured into adolescence to stand by it and support it in adulthood even though it might seem unrecognizable in its new form. We know the alternative: it will be out the door and hanging with the wrong crowd while we sit forlornly in the empty nest wondering what we did wrong.”
I agree that change to any medium is inevitable and is something we should imbrace. But I also believe if we think of subject objectively, photography is an art, journalistic (unmanipulated) or not. All photographic images are a product of an artist’s choices–light, positioning, settings. While new photographic technology carries these details step upon step farther, the idea that we can look at a photograph as if we are in the space/time photographed has always been an illusion. We only “buy” that illusion because it was captured with an impartial device.


It’s time to stop talking about photography. It’s not that photography is dead as many have claimed, but it’s gone.

Just as there’s a time to stop talking about girls and boys and to talk instead about women and men so it is with photography; something has changed so radically that we need to talk about it differently, think of it differently and use it differently. Failure to recognize the huge changes underway is to risk isolating ourselves in an historical backwater of communication, using an interesting but quaint visual language removed from the cultural mainstream.

The moment of photography’s “puberty” was around the time when the technology moved from analog to digital although it wasn’t until the arrival of the Internet-enabled smartphone that we really noticed a different behavior. That’s when adolescence truly set in. It was surprising but it all seemed somewhat natural and although we experienced a…

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