“It is more important to click with people, than to click the shutter.” – Eisenstaedt

Sometimes I think inspiring others to create is even more rewarding than creating my own work, seeing others take something you’ve shared and incorporate it into their lives. And true-to-form, it’s most often those you inspire who, in turn, inspire you.

A few days ago, I received a lovely surprise via post: a book of a friend’s photography project. I met Rob through this blog when I was slogging through my 365 project in 2012/2013. Having just started in photography, Rob would send me an occasional question, note of encouragement, or shout-out via Twitter if something I did struck him. And now look at him! Photography projects, off-camera lighting, and photo books! Congratulations, Rob, on an outstanding accomplishment. Many thanks for the book; it is beautiful and *inspiring*! I can’t wait to see future projects. And thank you for the extra boost of inspiration for continuing my own work.

Read more about Rob and see more of his work on his gig blog SoulSide Funk.

PS: Rob, Sean is my favorite. :-)


2 thoughts on “Clicking…

    • There are some of those 365 shots I want to hide, John, much less publish in a book. ;-) They’re all still on my Flickr, though. I can give you a private pass to check them out. Just PM me. I’m really excited you’ve taken on the 365, John. It is a tremendous growing experience, both personally and in photography. I’d definitely suggest that to make the most of it, you keep a list of specific things you want to learn and spend your days practicing those things. Do some intentional creative wandering. Absolutely try shooting things outside your comfort zone; then do it again and again. Once in a while, there are days when you just have to take a shot, but if the bulk of those 365 are a result of your intentional creative wandering, the end product will totally overshadow any of the pain and agony.

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