Prop Peek – The Marilyn Wig


Going *way* back, all the way to 5th grade, I use to wake early to hot roll my hair, just for a taste of the glamorous, curly-haired life. Though my curls would be mostly flat by noon, I’d wake early the next day to do it again. Something about a curly hairstyle was timeless, classy, and romantic to me, which is exactly how I see one of my favorite props, the Marilyn Wig. Originally purchased for “You Rang?,” she’s had a few other key appearances. And the great thing about her? You can

Dress her up:
she travels alone but is never lonely

Dress her down:

Or just make her your every day, run-of-the-mill working girl:
Creep Series - Shot 3

Even when she’s “run-of-the-mill” she’s always glamorous and ads a certain air of confidence to a character. Not to mention, she picks up fabulous light when shooting monochrome. And to me, she hearkens classic Hollywood, much like Marilyn Monroe, herself. Don’t you agree?


T rockin’ the curly hair, circa 11th grade


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