Throw Back Thursday

365: Day 286

365: Day 286

Long ago and far away I did a 365 project. And it was magical. Infuriating, tiring, and frustrating at the time, but you know how sometimes, once you’re out of the muck of it and looking at something in hindsight, the sum of multiple things looks wonderful? That project was it for me. Not because I think the resulting shots are fantastic. I suppose they’re okay. But because when I look back at those shots, I see things that remind me of exactly what I was thinking and feeling at the time. Be it the set-up or the prop or the light or the processing, most of the shots take me back to an exact point in time. Some of them are happy points; some are bittersweet. Regardless, they’re mine.

Happy Throw Back Thursday! Go capture something that moves you.


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