Lemme check out your prop closet

Now and again, I get requests from curious sorts who want know just how many phones I own or where in the world I picked up the fabulous hatchet i used in this shot or that. In response, I thought I’d start something called “prop peek,” where every so often I post a fairly “straight shot” of a prop from my prop closet along with a shot or two in which it’s made it’s appearance. It’s kinda fun to see how props can change through different contexts, styles, and editing. So here we go…you wanna take a peek into my prop closet to see what’s in there? You betcha, ya curious looky-loos. ;-)

The Red Phone

The Red Phone. She’s cuter than the black one I own. Shhhh! don’t tell him I said so, though. He’d be livid. I dunno, red adds a little splash of glamour for me, AND it shows up better than black against dark colors in a monotone shot. Some of Red Phone’s recent appearances:

calling you

Creep Series - Shot 2

I think she’s a stunner.

Got a closet full of props? Show me *your* prop closet! Post links to your picts in the comments below. :-)

Happy prop hunting!


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