Okay Universe: Uncle


Dear Universe,

I’m a fairly patient girl. But your antics lately are over the top. Must you make everything so difficult? I’m starting to think you get a kick out of watching me scramble.

Take today, for example. Friends of mine had lent me their house as a studio of sorts. It was a perfectly lovely place that I had *all to myself*. Given my closet-shooting condition, it was a relief to have so much space to dig into my creativity. And I dug, working on the second shot in my Creep Series. It was a complicated, two-part shot. But I made it through part one okay: dawning costume one (flannel shirt, jeans, work boots, and gloves, check), posing on stairs, adjusting the light, tilting the hatchet, adjusting the light, posing on stairs. Not to be overly zealous, but I nailed it. But then came part two: dawning costume two (A-line dress, phone), positioning the light, running downstairs to click the shutter and upstairs to position, posing with phone, checking my shadow, running downstairs to chimp then upstairs for another try. I was really giving it my all. But then. Then, in the midst of my creative, where-do-I-put-the-light-to-get-the-shadow-I-want, problem-solving buzz, the front door opens. I freeze. “Hellooo?” I hear whispered from the front door. Phone still in hand, I peek around and down the stairs. And there she is; my friends’ lovely housekeeper, hatchet and pile of costume goodness at her feet. She shoots me a puzzled glance. “Was I not to come today?” she asks in broken English, her eyes wide. “Oh! I dunno,” I smiled, drenched in sweat from running the stairs. “I was just borrowing the house for some pictures.”  Sigh.

Thank *goddness* no one was hurt today. The lovely housekeeper, well, thank goodness she didn’t have a heart attack when she nearly tripped over the hatchet and costumes cluttering the entryway. But I’ll tell you, all of this is enough to make a girl cry. Even when I’m assured of utter peace and quiet to explore my crazy idea, I am foiled. This isn’t over yet, Universe. I will try, try again tomorrow, I’ll have you know! Just please take it easy on me? Mkay?





4 thoughts on “Okay Universe: Uncle

    • If it weren’t so damned counter productive! Now I’ve got to reshoot both parts so the camera angles will line up. Ahhh well. Least I haven’t run into any *real* spooks…yet.

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