The Life of an Artist

365: Day 300

I’m a closet shooter. I really am. I’m trying to get past it and be okay shooting in front of other people, but it makes me nervous, particularly if I’m using myself as a model. And there’s barely anyone I’m comfy shooting in front of, save for one or two photog friends, even including my significant other. So, given that I shoot mostly at home, usually using myself as model, and that my husband also works from home, and that we live in a modest-sized home, well, hilarity often ensues.

Yesterday was no exception. Hubs had left the house for lunch, a time where I usually pounce to shoot, having the house completely to myself and feeling free to set-up whatever craziness pops into my head. After having Nic challenge me to a photo dual, The Creep Series, my wheels were churning. An idea struck! Hubs had been gone 10 minutes. Woof, 50 minutes to execute. I set into motion. Furniture was moved, light blockers were strewn, costumes and wigs were dawned, the camera was set, lights were placed, the fog machine was put into position and it’s lovely ready-light had awoke. I was like lightening! I flip on the fog machine, rush to my camera, click the shutter, race to my position…click. Lights don’t flash. Try again. Check lights, click shutter, race to position…click. Lights don’t flash. BAH! By now, time is tight. The smoke alarm is going off. I’m jumping, in full costume, swatting at the alarm, clawing to take it down for debatterization when I hear hub’s friend’s car pull up. (He’d gotten a ride to lunch.) How can I hear this, I think to myself. Oh, because his office window is open and thick fog is *pouring* out. I hear the kitchen door creak open. Hubs calls, “IS THE HOUSE ON FIRE?” “NO,” I yell, “FOG MACHINE.” Mad scramble to put away my toys and fan the fog out of his office. Ahhh, the joys of working at home, right? Who doesn’t want to return to a foggy office after lunch? :-)

I didn’t get the shot. But I will try again! Oh yes, I will try again. Because that’s what we artists do. We try, try again.

Happy Saturday! Hope your artistic endeavors come off without a hitch!


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