like two taxis on broadway

like two taxis on broadway

Mkay, I’ll fess up: I love playing games. Puzzles, cards, brain teasers, who done its, you name it; I’m in. And I try to infuse this in my shots, hiding details/clues that help tell the shot’s story but might bring you back to them, make you squint for a closer look, and question, what the heck’d she put that there for? This shot’s no different; the clues are there. But, what makes it different is that it’s the second in a line (Mother was first) where I consciously try to force the viewer into a specific perspective. And after playing around a bit, BOOM, I found another thing I dig: connecting with viewers on multiple levels. Sure, sure, maybe you smarties out there already know this and incorporate it in your art. If so, kudos! I’d be delighted to check out your work, so send me a link! But this is the first time layering techniques of viewer connection really clicked in mine, and I just wanted to share. Happy Wednesday!


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