Out of Time & Yet Another Photo Class Complete

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, for various reasons. I won’t make excuses but will proceed it getting back on the horse.

While away, I finally completed the first set of images in my “Out of Time” series, an exciting project that I’m hoping gives a little of the storying-telling power that I so dearly love back to the viewer. “Out of Time” is an experiment in playing with artistic intent, in which I still strive to create a story but also distance my intended story from the images by giving them no order. As human beings, we seek order/structure to make sense of things. I’m hoping to engage that drive, so that it draws the viewer further into the images to play with them and create his/her own story. Here are the final three images of that first set and a link to the jump-starting post.

you rang?

you rang?

Out of Time

> circumstance

's for you

> ‘s for you

Also while away, I tucked another photo class under my belt. I was lucky enough to take a photo class with some of my best photography buds. For nine weeks we completed assignments for which we created our own images and reviewed each other’s work as a group. Such exercises are so fun and inspiring. Thanks to all of my class cronies. It really was entertaining to see your work and share in ideas.


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