The Process Shots: Part 2 of 5 – Where No One is Likely to Pass

Back in January I posted a list of the top 5 shots that I enjoyed creating the most during my 365 project, and I subsequently set out to blog about them. And I think I burnt myself out on my first post re Veda. :-) But, without any more excuses or further adieu, here’s number two: Day 247: Where No On is Likely to Pass.


As with others on the process list, there are a multitude of reasons this is one of my favorites:
*It was my first arduous location
*It was accompanied by a good friend and fellow photographer
*It was part of one of my favorite sub-projects of the 365: 30 days of music
*It’s Morrissey and film noir inspired, baby


So let’s talk arduous. I’d seen this tunnel during an outing with friends. It’s purported to be an old Civil War era tunnel by park authorities, it’s in the middle of the woods, it has a brick interior and a perpetually wet floor…what’s not to love? So when the idea of this shot came to mind, it had to be in this tunnel because a) it was terrific visually, b) it was remote, so I could lug my gear there and shoot without creating much of a stir for looky-loos, and c) it fit the lyrics of Morrissey’s “Jack the Ripper”: “and I know a place where no one is likely to pass, oh, you don’t care if it’s late, and you don’t care if you’re lost…” The problem was, it was in the middle of the woods, and I didn’t really know how to get back to it. After a couple of days of scouting, I finally found it, and it was a huge personal victory for me, venturing out into the woods alone, scouting for my spot…it was an adrenaline rush in and of itself.  And it did and has continued to inspire me to create more location-based work.


Second, after scoping out the location, which turned out to be in a steep and slippery slope that bottomed out in the rocks visible in the shot, I took a friend there to help with the shoot. Nicole and I met via a mutual photographer friend and immediately hit it off. You can check out her photography via her site: We’d had a few photo adventures, but this was the first one into “wild” territory. It was a fun and invaluable experience getting to bounce posing ideas and lighting set-ups off of her, not to mention, it was great to have a partner to help break each other’s fall as we literally slid down the side of this mountain to get to our spot with tubs of gear in tow. The only thing better than shooting a shot I love is shooting it with a friend, in my opinion. We should totally do it again sometime, Nicole!


Third, music is one of my things. I love it, jazz especially. The month of music-inspired shots allowed me to marry two of the things I love most, music and photography, to create 30 shots based on lyrics, music styles, etc. It is definitely one of the 365 sub-projects I would like to revisit.


And last, I’ve been a Morrissey and Smiths fan since college. I have a soft spot for crooners to start, but I like how Morrissey’s morose lyrics and crooning mix into a mesh of jaded, melodic, and dramatic loveliness. I’m also a huge fan of film noir and old Hollywood style black and white film and stills. The opportunity to mix the two was a delight.


Here are a couple of other shots from that outing:

Re-Edit 11


Re-Edit 1


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