365 in Review


When I finished my 365 project last September, several of you lovelies asked if I’d share a list of my favorites from the year.  After thinking about doing so for a while and wrestling with the list, I decided to give you not one but TWO lists!  Contain your excitement.  :-)  “Two lists!” you say…”well, she is awfully full of herself.”  No, no…honest…it’s not that at all.  It’s not that I love loads of my resulting shots from the project.  Far from it.  In fact, I’d be hard pressed to find one that I wouldn’t in some way feel needed improvement.  But, after thinking about why I’d list certain shots, I realized that I really did have two separate lists: a product list, a list of shots that I enjoy for the end result, and a process list, a list of shots that I enjoy for the process that brought them to life.
The process of photography is rewarding for me, as I suspect it is for others.  It isn’t just about the result, it’s about how I got there: the excitement of the hunt, the adrenaline rush of spotting the shot, and the challenge of making the resulting photograph represent the shot I see in that moment. Of course, this is all thought of in the manner of conventional, non-staged photography. Staged photography, which is what I mostly shoot, is a variant of the same beast, albeit I think, a hairier animal.  It’s still the spotting/adrenaline rush/capture process, only the spotting is mental, the capture more subdued, and the adrenaline rush is typically throughout and accompanied by cursing.  So with staged photography it’s idea first, then planning, then staging, then shooting, then post processing.  Along any stage of the process, in either form of shooting, there’s emotional investment…a funny story about how you captured something if you’re a street photog, a weird anecdote about how a concept came to mind if you’re a fine art photog…something always comes along in the good ones, brilliant resulting shot or no.
So, the two lists, you say?  Right.  The product list is easy to explain.  It’s the list on which the shots that received the most attention, comments, and Flickr favorites fall.  Note: This is *my* product list and is not based entirely on a shot’s “interestingness” rank on Flickr.  I’ve included that list at the bottom of this post, as well.  And the process list?  Well, it’s more of the inside joke list.  It’s the research, the long hours, the mud, the muck, the crinkled pages that the author went through to give you that book cover.  The process list is about what a photo is made of, not what it appears to be, and the shots on it are where I learned, failed, triumphed, expanded.  And when I was *really* lucky, there was overlap between the lists.

So here they are, in chronological order, the product list of my favorite five first, then the process list. Over the next few posts, I’ll write more about each of the shots on the process list, to share their respective stories.  In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you regarding which of these, if any, were your favorite and about your own photography triumphs, product or process related.  Feel free to reply to this post or send me a message with links to favorite shots of your own.





365: Day 186 (explore)
Veda – Day 186


365: Day 234
The Way You Wear Your Hat – Day 234


365: Day 285
Sweet Dreams – Day 285


365: Day 326
Big Plans – Day 326


365: Day 338
Afternoon Pigeon – Day 338



365: Day 186 (explore)
Veda – Day 186

365: Day 247
Where No One is Likely to Pass – Day 247


365: Day 284
Self Portrait – Day 284


365: Day 285
Sweet Dreams – Day 285


365: Day 365
Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off – Day 365

FLICKR TOP FIVE (in order of Flickr “interestingness”)

365: Day 186 (explore)
Veda – Day 186


365: Day 183 (explore)
Kitty – Day 183

365: Day 326
Big Plans – Day 326

365: Day 168 (explore)
Poker Face – Day 168


365: Day 319
Secretary – Day 319


4 thoughts on “365 in Review

  1. Tenille,
    Was there ever a day in the course of your year that realized as you were about to go to sleep that “OMG, I forgot to capture an image today!”?

    My favorites:
    Big plans
    Where No One is Likely to Pass
    Secretary – Day


    • Thanks Danny. Actually, no. Each day’s image was always in the forefront of my mind. There were a couple of days I was late to post (by just a few hours usually), but they were usually because of some personal issues. And there were often days that I wished I had something to better to post. Those days usually made me work harder the next though. I was pretty obsessed with it.

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