The Station

the station by justTphotography
the station, a photo by justTphotography on Flickr.

Finally, after several weeks of planning, I was able to get out to an *awesome* location for a bit of shooting with friends. We hit Fort Howard, one of several fort ruins South of Baltimore, and it was a blast. The weather couldn’t have been better…60s, overcast, and just enough humidity to keep the billows of the fog machine we were using in place. This shot was largely inspired by 40s/50s style, film noir, and a fashion ad I’d seen of a woman standing in heavy fog on what appeared to be a train platform with just the front lights of the engine showing through the fog. If I can dig that shot up, I’ll post it. I’d also seen shots of this portico-like area of the fort online, and to me, it just screamed steamy station. Many thanks to my shooting peeps that shared the adventure (all pictured in the above shot)! You guys are the best.


5 thoughts on “The Station

    • Thanks Rob! And thanks for the Twitter plug. I took a few others…some are posted to my Flickr ( ), others are still in the editing queue. The concept evolved over the period of a couple of weeks. The toughest part for me was figuring out where to place everyone in the shot and figuring out how to power the fog machine (luckily we had access to power, didn’t have to do any crazy battery rigs).

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