Day 326: Big Plans

So I have this fabulous old phone a friend of mine lent me, and I’ve been wanting to work it into more shots because, well, it’s fabulous. This shot popped into my head last minute, really. I had another that was a companion to the luggage shot I did earlier in the week but just didn’t have the time to pull it off. So this was my alternate. I used the gridded flash as my main tonight, I’ve only been using it as an accent really, and was pleased with the outcome. And I’m *loving* my new LumoPro flash! I highly recommend it. Having two flashes, alone, has opened up a *ton* of new possibilities. So fun.

On an unrelated note, I’ll be on the road for the next two weeks, traveling deep into the SC Lowcountry. Set-up shots will be more difficult, so you’ll likely be seeing more landscapes and architecture in the near future.

Camera Specs:
1/125 sec @ f/11, 160mm, ISO 100

Light Specs:
Flashes: Canon 430 EXII @ 1/32; LumoPro LP 180 @ 1/8
Modifiers: Honl Photo Speed Grid 1/8″ on LumoPro
Placement: Canon Flash: as backfill, ~2ft right of subject and aimed on background (4ft away) at 45 degrees; LumoPro Flash: as main, ~3ft in front of and ~2ft left of subject at 30 degrees
Triggering Device: Calumet Quad Plus triggers

Processing LR 4.4


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