Day 316: The Visible Woman

30/30 of Deconstructed

Well here it is…the very last of the deconstructed theme. Today’s shot is of an educational toy from the 60’s called the Visible Woman. She’s a ton of fun. This shot is probably one of my most labor intensive to date, as it required that I assembled her a bit, painted her organs, and figure out how to set her up as pictured. She turned out pretty close to what I’d imagined.  I’m still not entirely happy with the light of this one, but the transparent plastic proved tricky.  Something to work on…

Many thanks Nicole for helping me find Visible Woman and brainstorm ideas of how to shoot her!

Camera Specs:
1/125 sec @ f/8, 50mm, ISO 100

Light Specs:

Light Specs:
Flash: 1 Canon 430 EXII @ 1/2
Modifiers: 36″ promaster shoot through umbrella; 32″ round reflector
Placement: Flash: ~2ft above and ~2 ft right of subject, angled down; Reflector: ~18 in left of subject and at 45 degrees
Triggering Device: Cowboy Studio Triggers

Processing LR 4.4 & PSE 11


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