Day 245: Zig Zag

365: Day 245

So, I tried to kill my computer today. Yep, I got the bright idea to try the Brenizer Method of shooting a portrait. If you’re not familiar with it, check out this tutorial. Essentially, it’s taking a grid of shots with a 50mm or closer lens set to its widest aperture. From what I understand, you’re basically maximizing your bokeh around the subject with a super sharp focus on the subject’s plane. Don’t get me wrong; it was incredibly fun. But were my computer to talk…well, by now it would have no voice….groaning, crunching, whining, wheezing…just trying to compile all of the images that went into this one shot. I like the result, though PSE didn’t compile the image flawlessly. I had to touch it up manually. If I try this again, I’ll definitely go for a background with vertical lines, rather than horizontal [groan]. And there was distortion that I didn’t “fix.”  But for a grid of 50 shots, I thought it turned out pretty cool.

In other news, exciting things are coming up in the next couple of days! I’ll be shooting at a secret location I’ve been wanting to get to for a while, and I’ll be taking my photog buddy Nicole with me. We’ll see what we can make of it.

Composite of 50 images, each image shot at the following settings:

1/500 sec @ f/1.8, 50mm, ISO 100

Processing LR4.4 & PSE11


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