Day 232: Harmonica

21/30 of 30 Days of Music

I’ve been having fun playing with filters in Light Room. Today’s shot is the result of this. The “harmonica” text was added in post, replacing an oddly stamped serial number of sorts.

Camera Specs:
1/125 @ f/1.8, 50mm, ISO 100

Light Specs:
Flash: 1 Canon 430 EXII @ 1/8
Modifiers: none
Placement: ~ 6 in left and ~ 1 ft above camera, angled down at subject
Triggering Device: Promaster triggers

Processing LR4 & PSE11


4 thoughts on “Day 232: Harmonica

    • I was thinking more Billy Joel, but I’ll take it. :-) Thanks re post. I was delighted to find the chrome feature in Elements. I think this definitely helped make it more believable.

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