Day 212: Blue Lips

Shot no. 2 in the 30 days of music series. Today’s shot was inspired by Regina Spektor’s “Blue Lips.” If you haven’t heard it, you can find it on You Tube here:  This is, of course, a composite.  The underlying shot of lips I took today.  The overlying shot is of an umbrella reflection in a puddle I’d taken several weeks ago.      I originally intended to do all of this in a single shot, but being your own model, submerged in a tub with your camera hanging above your head gets tricky.  Don’t even get me started on focusing issues.

Camera Specs:
1/160 sec @ f/5.6, 50mm, ISO 100

Light Specs:
Flash: 1 Canon 430 EXII @ 1/1
Modifiers: Midwest Logo 43″ Collapsible Soft Silver Umbrella
Placement: ~2 ft above subject
Triggering Device: Promaster triggers

Processing LR4 & PS Elements


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