Day 200: Texture

365: Day 200 by *Tennille*
365: Day 200, a photo by *Tennille* on Flickr.

Day 200 and I’m still excited about this photography thing. Sure I get tired and sometimes even a little frustrated, particularly by doing silly things like shooting only mobile for a week…blah. Gosh I miss the feel of my “real” camera, its lovely customization capabilities (like setting aperture and shutter speed), its scuffs, the little sound the shutter makes when triggered. Ironically, this mobile phone is supposed to take “higher quality” pictures than my old Rebel. Pffft, I say. (I won’t even scoff at your horrible ISO sensitivity, old friend.) Anyways, day 200 and I’m still kickin’. Woot! And with that, I leave you with today’s shot, a mishmash of texture.

Camera Specs:
1/411 sec @ f/2.4, 33mm (35 equ), ISO 50

Processing PSExpress & Pixlromatic


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