Day 164: Paint it Black

I’ll start off by saying this is not what I intended. I was going for a nice macro-esque shot of an LP…my brain had even started churning on a retro project, all black and white with a possible sepia split tone. At any rate, this little light surprise is what I stumbled into. This *is* of an LP, but the lighting is entirely white. Somehow, as it bounced across the surface of the record it made a rainbow. Awww, right? I couldn’t in good conscience turn this one black and white, though my initial inclination was to do so. I’m a huge fan of happy surprises. Here’s to hoping you have one today too. FYI, if you’re wondering on the title, the third set of grooves is the referenced song.

Camera Specs:
1/125 sec @ f/22, 300mm, ISO 100

Light Specs:
Flash: 1 Canon 430 EXII @ 1/2
Modifiers: none
Placement: flush with camera, left
Triggering Device: Cowboy Studio triggers


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