Day 150: Green & Blue

365: Day 150 by *Tennille*
365: Day 150, a photo by *Tennille* on Flickr.

Last night’s vortex gave me a silhouetting idea for today. I had to wait until the kids were home, though, because I needed some assistance. For the shot, my youngest was in pigtails in front of the camera (~5 ft), and my oldest and I were behind her on either side (~4 ft apart). When the shutter opened, we waved the light sabers up and down in a motion perpendicular to the frame. Our model was a little restless, so her silhouette edges aren’t crisp, *but* 20 seconds *is* a long time to stand still…especially for a 5 year old.

Camera Specs:
20 sec @ f/14, 37mm, ISO 100

Light Specs:
1 green light saber
1 blue light saber


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