Day 149: The Vortex of My Basement

A little more light painting for today. I’m a greenhorn light painter, let’s be honest. There were way too many objects in the background here…the edge of a screen, an afghan my mom made, my white socks. At any rate, the kids were playing around with their light sabers this afternoon, fighting in the basement with the lights off. They even had the neighbor boy over to join in the fun. We had all the forces accounted for…red, green, blue. Once the excitement settled, I played around myself. To get this effect, I stood in one place and traced a spiral with the tip of the saber pointing at the camera. As I swung the spiral wider, I swung with more wrist action, getting the trails of dots (the side of the saber facing the camera rather than the tip). It’s not uber clean, but I thought it was fun. I have some ideas for future shots, which is always a good thing!

Camera Specs:
25 sec @ f/18, 22mm, ISO 100

Lighting Specs:
1 blue light saber


8 thoughts on “Day 149: The Vortex of My Basement

  1. Playing with a light saber in the basement, I assume Disney already called about your own spin-off movie (after the next 3, Yoda, Han Solo, and Bobba Fett movies). Oh, great picture too!

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