Day 143: Smoke Rings

Okay, they’re not really smoke rings. But, I’ve been wanting to try to do a little light painting to make it look like there might be smoke rings in the air. And in true girl fashion, I initially tried to make them heart shaped. Alas, my “paint brush” was too big. So this shot is a combo of snooted strobe to catch the profile/lips plus dragged shutter and LED flashlight painted circles in the air. I didn’t take a set-up shot because I did this in a very small bathroom (needed the lack of light). But, the strobe, which is snooted and pointed right at my mouth, is just outside the left side of the frame. Here’s the run-down of the exposure. First, I had on black gloves, to minimize my hand visibility. Second, I prefocused the lens for my face. Third, I turned out the lights, pressed the remote, let the strobe flash my face, then turned on the flashlight and painted the rings in the air by just making a circular motion with them. In between rings, I put a finger over the light to ensure the two rings were separate. And there you have it.  Meh, they kinda look like smoke rings…

Camera Specs:
10 sec @ f/9, 50mm, ISO 100

Light Specs:
Strobe: 1 Canon 430 EXII @ 1/64
Modifiers: Rogue Flashbender rolled into snoot
Placement: ~ 1ft away from subject, camera left, pointed directly at mouth
Triggering Device: Promaster Remote Flash Trigger System
Other: “smoke rings” painted with Life+Gear LED flashlight

Notes: Blacks were boosted in post.


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