Day 138: A Bridge and a Few Pickups

Well, today was a new experience. I took the above shot with my camera on a tripod, set directly over the guitar and pointed straight down. I happily went about my business in normal fashion. Since I was working in a dark room, I’d turn on a larger light, pre-focus the camera manually, cut off the light, then shoot. But every time I’d check out a previous shot, it seemed out of focus. How could this be? I pre-focused? So I tried again. And again. And. Again. Until I figured out, uhm, my 50mm apparently doesn’t hold focus when pointed directly down. It seems gravity gets the best of it. Is this true of all lenses? I guess it kind of makes sense. It’s just frustrating. At any rate, to get the the shot you see here, I used a remote and my auto focus. I’d shine a flashlight onto the spot I wanted to focus, press the shutter down halfway to auto focus, then quickly hide the flashlight and press the shutter the rest of the way to snap the shot. It was tricky, but I guess it worked.

Shot Specs:
0.5 sec @ f/7.1, 50mm, ISO 200, Canon 430 EXII @ 1/64 (with Lumiquest Softbox III bottom of the frame ~ 3in. and on the same plane as subject)


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