Day 134: Funky Treble

I didn’t have a lot of time to play today, but in the time I did have, I tried a little light painting. This was *supposed* to be a treble clef sign, but for those of you who know your music, it will look a little off. The tail is right, but the rest is backwards. Here’s what it should look like:  To create this, I stood in front of the camera in a pitch dark room, turned on an LED flashlight, and drew the sign in the air with the flashlight, trying to make sure I didn’t go out of the general frame area of the camera. This is incredibly fun but tricky because you have to apparently write everything at the same speed if you want the light to be even, and you have to write it all backwards…hence, my funky treble.

Shot Specs:
8 sec @ f/18, 50mm, ISO 100, LED flashlight
Split toning added in post.


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