Day 133: Amped

I went back to my strobe today. It’s a fun toy that I find hard to resist sometimes. I wanted a focused light on the labeling of this amp and then wanted to give it a bit of a silhouette. I did this by snooting my strobe and holding it fairly close range to the amp, camera right, where I fired it once. I then popped the strobe twice more aiming it behind the amp, once pointed just behind the right corner, once behind the handle. I was too far away from the camera to press the manual strobe pop on top of the wireless trigger within the exposure, so to fire the strobe the final two times I just popped the battery cap on the trigger connected to the strobe on and off a couple of times.

Shot Specs:
10 sec @ f/16, 90mm, ISO 100, Canon 430 EXII @ 1/16 (snooted & popped 3 times)
Split toning was added in post.


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