Day 130: I Need A Hug

Ahhhh, another one of those days. And yes, I really *do* need a hug about now. I had convinced myself that I could get the light I wanted today. I was feeling pretty smug, even, knowing just what I’d do and how I’d do it. I wanted a beam of light from top right of the frame aimed down on the above pictured “hug.” After some research, I knew I needed two things to achieve the beam: 1) a concentrated light and 2) air pollution. First, the concentrated light: I snooted my strobe with my Rogue Flashbender, then stuffed it into a yellow funnel I’d taped over with black duct tape in an attempt to retain as much light as possible but also funnel the light into a more concentrated beam. The inside of the funnel was yellow, but I was okay with this, as long as I could attain a focused beam. The light from the funnel was more concentrated than just the snoot but still not as focused as I wanted, so I tried adding a few straws into the end of the funnel to create a faux grid. Finally, the light felt fairly focused, at least as good as I figured it would get. Second, the air pollution: I wasn’t keen on the idea of heavy incense again (see yesterday’s shot), so I tried steam at first via a pan of hot water. I didn’t have luck with the steam, which dissipated fairly quickly. As a last resort, I fired up my trusty incense. (Note to self: purchase fog machine.) I waved the incense every which way, fanned it, blew on it, and repositioned…no beam. And then I ran out of time. So, here’s the shot I was left with. I will conquer the beam yet. In the meantime, if anyone has any hints/tips on creating light beams, please send them my way!

Shot Specs:
1/60 sec @ f/6.3, 270mm, ISO 100, Canon 430 EXII @ 1/1 (snooted with Flashbender and homemade grid, pointed just behind the “hug” via top right corner of the frame)


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