Day 129: She Burnt It Up Out There

Today’s shot is of my running shoes. These are actually my treadmill shoes, nice and sparkly. Can’t be junking out my treadmill with my muddy trail shoes. The idea for this shot was really a culmination of things, banter with running buddies about how slow we are, chit chat with photog buddies about DIY snoots…but the ultimate inspiration came from a trail run I had with my Sunday running partner a couple of months ago. We had stopped in the middle of a run for her to use the bathroom. When she came back, she took one look at me and started laughing. I was literally smoking. The cold, plus condensation, plus you name it was creating quite a site. So here you have it. A recreated snippet of smokiness. This shot is actually a composite of two in order to increase the amount of smoke. It took me 6 incense sticks burning all at once to get this shot. I would set my camera 10 sec delay and wave the incense around the shoes while pointing the strobe when the shutter clicked. I’m not sure why I wasn’t getting more smoke, maybe because my strobe wasn’t bright enough, maybe I had the wrong angle, maybe because the table the shoes were on was too bright. I didn’t get a chance to try the shot with a black surface, like I wanted. As a bonus, though, my shoes now smell like sandalwood, vanilla, and lavender. I know you’re jealous.

Shot Specs:
1/60 sec @ f/6.3, 50mm, ISO 100, Canon 430 EXII @ 1/16 (snooted at ~2ft above left corner of frame and aimed between shoes)


One thought on “Day 129: She Burnt It Up Out There

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