Day 125: Puzzled Heart

A little light painting for today. This is a 3D crystal puzzle. They’re pretty tedious, in case you haven’t tried putting one together. I will *not* divulge how many hours it took my better half and me to put it together. Thank goodness we are both patient people. At any rate, this shot was taken in a dark room. The heart is sitting on a black wool shawl and the back and right side of the shot have a black backdrop (folding exercise mat). The light is from a tiny 2-bulb flasher taped to the back of the heart with black duct tape, which I used to cover the back of the bulbs to keep the light from bouncing onto the background.

Shot Specs:
10 sec @ f/2.2, 50mm, ISO 100, 2 bulb LED flashing light


One thought on “Day 125: Puzzled Heart

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