Day 121: High Life in the Burbs

I will preface this post first by stating that taking a picture of gold letters on cylindrical shapes in bright sun is madness. Madness I tell you! On my way to take my oldest to school, I found this lovely surprise perched on a curb near my house. Look, they were even kind enough to leave me a swig. Really? As if that ounce or two of backwash tasted worse than the rest of the 40? I guess some people have standards. Okay, truth be told, I’ve never drank MHL.  I’m putting it on my to do list.  I digress. I liked the tone of light the rising sun was giving the bottle but could not for the life of me shoot the angle I wanted (pictured) without hideous blowouts (also pictured). I burned them a bit in post. That kinda worked. I also put a snappy “old photo” overlay over the shot because to me High Life is totally old skool.

Shot Specs:
1/1600 sec @ f/1.8, 50mm, ISO 100


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