Day 116: Superstar

So I tried “racking the zoom” today. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the technique, it’s basically zooming in or out while your shutter is open. I tried doing this handheld for a bit but really found cleaner results with a tripod. This makes sense as camera shake becomes a factor with the slower shutter speeds you need to get the effect. Kinda fun. If you’re curious, that’s the drain cover of a Keurig, so it’s a star in the center, little holes in lines out from the star, all in a reflective metal surface. I put it up against a window for light. The brown tones reflected are my couch, which is directly behind the camera.

Shot Specs:
1/15 sec @ f/18, 300mm to ~150mm, ISO 100


2 thoughts on “Day 116: Superstar

    • Good question. I’d think the direction of the motion would be reversed, but I’m not sure…could be pretty similar. I zoomed out with this one but didn’t think to try zooming in. I was trying to focus first on the composition I wanted and zoom out from there. I will try it in reverse and let you know!

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