Day 87: My Pretty Shoes

This is a shot of my youngest’s feet this morning. She was wearing her self-proclaimed “pretty shoes.” Today her preschool is celebrating St. Nicholas’ Day. Part of their tradition is to leave their shoes in the hallway for St. Nicholas to fill with goodies. She insisted on wearing her “pretty shoes” today, since St. Nicholas was going to see them. Happy St. Nicholas Day! Hope you wore your pretty shoes.

Shot Specs:
1/60 @ f/2.5, 50mm, ISO 100, Canon 430 EXII (camera right) @ 1/64 in 8″ x 9″ softbox

How I did it: Softboxed strobe is camera right, about a foot behind the camera. I laid it on the floor at about a 45% angle to the shoes. Natural light from a large sliding glass door is camera left.


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