Day 85 – Broken Ballerina

This is shot no. 3 of my “Stage-Free Shooting” challenge. This morning I repaired my youngest daughter’s broken ballerina in her jewelry box. The skirt and torso of the dancer had snapped off. After gluing her back together, I left her on the counter to dry. I thought she was as good a subject as any for today’s shot.

A quick note: I’ve been referring to my strobe as a Canon 480 EXII for weeks, maybe even months, now. It is, in fact, a 430 EXII. Since I only own one strobe (for now!), if you’re reading any of my previous posts and see “480” read “430.” :-)

Shot Specs:
1/20 sec @ f/5.6, 220mm, ISO 100, Canon 430 EXII @ 1/64 in a small softbox

How I did it: My strobed softbox is camera right, sitting on the counter about a foot from the box and in line with the ballerina.  In post, there was some spot removal to clean up the mirror, a little black boosting, and a white vignetting added.


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