Day 83: Imposter

So…I miscounted! I thought today was day 30 of the Literary Series when, in actuality, it was yesterday. Somehow my Lit Series numbering derailed just before Thanksgiving, when I published two no. 19s. Since I didn’t already have a lit shot planned for today, I decided to move on. Today’s shot was taken in a Christmas tree farm. I was trying to play with white balance and silhouetting. It didn’t turn out quite like I’d hoped (wanted a much darker tree against the ultra blue sky), but I thought I’d publish my attempt. I’ll be theme-less throughout the rest of the year, but not goal-less! My goal for the next 30 days is to only shoot unstaged photos. This means, I shoot what I see, only repositioning myself and not the objects in the shot. I’ll edit as usual and may occasionally add/alter the light in a shot, but I will not move objects.

Shot Specs:
1/400 sec @ f/11, 55mm, ISO 400

How I did it: My white balance was set to Tungsten, and I metered for the sky. I slightly boosted blacks in post, as well as added some vignetting.


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