Day 79: “Idea”

This is shot no. 26 in the Literary Series. Okay, okay…I just wanted to try to shoot a light bulb today. So instead of just discovering a new photog technique, I discovered that plus an awesome poem to fit it. :-) The poem is the lovely shape poem of John Hollander, “Idea: Old Mazda Lamp, 50-100-150 W.” Check it out here. My playing with full manual the last few days has brought me to wanting to shoot a lit light bulb. And here it is.

Shot Specs:
shot 1 (top and background) – 1/1000 @ f/9, 49mm, ISO 100
shot 2 (bottom) – 1/60 sec @ f/5.6, 52mm, ISO 100, Canon 480 EXII @ 1/64

How I did it: Obviously, this is a composite shot. The background and lit bulb are one shot; the bottom of the bulb is another. In playing with shutter speed the other day, I realized that I can significantly control light via this aspect. To get a crisp yet lit bulb shot I seriously underexposed. The bottom of the bulb shot was lit with my strobe about a foot away and surface level. When I compiled the two, I put a warming filter on the base of the bulb so it would match the tone of the lit bulb.


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