Day 77 – “it tolls for thee”

This is shot no. 24 in the Literary Series. A bit of a humorous spin on John Donne’s “No Man is an Island” today, the famous “for whom the bell tolls” poem. Read it here. Two fun discoveries today: 1) when you’re tired of waiting for your unpredictable camera to figure out the “proper” shutter speed for a shot, go full manual and set the blame shutter speed yourself; 2) snoots with colored interiors cast a lovely graduated colored light on a backdrop (though I turned the one I discovered to black and white here).  Incidentally, there is no reason for the time displayed on the clock.  I tried to set it to 12, but got tired of resetting it every few shots.

Shot Specs:
1/13 sec @ f/7.1, 50mm, ISO 100, Hytec desklamp

How I did it: The desk lamp is the main light here. It is snooted, get this, with a roll of painter’s tape; no joke. I wasn’t getting a crisp enough snoot from my flashbender, so I grabbed a roll of tape. It worked just like I wanted. Lamp and “snoot” are just at the top of the frame, actually cut out in post, though I almost left them in because they looked kind of cool. The “ringing” effect on the clock is also a post trick. I created two separate layers for the top of the clock, set them to 75% transparency and rotated them slightly.


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