Day 76: Down the Rabbit Hole

365-Day 76 by morenille
365-Day 76, a photo by morenille on Flickr.

This is shot no. 23 in the Literary Series. Today’s shot was inspired by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson’s, a.k.a. Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland. What a strange character that Alice. She never can make up her mind of whether she’s coming or going.

Shot Specs:
1/50 Sec @ f/4, 27mm, ISO 400, Canon 480 EX II @ 1/64 snooted

How I did it: The camera is on a tripod, about two feet below the subject. The strobe is snooted and on a light stand, level with the bottle. It is shot at the ceiling just above the bottle.


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