Day 72 – “not by the hair on our chinny chin chins”

This is no. 19 in the Literary Series. Today’s shot is from “The Three Little Pigs.” I’m not posting shot specs today as this is an uber composite shot with 4 shots in 1. I’ll be travelling over the next several days and am unsure of the internet connection situation, so I may be posting phone shots. We’ll see. Happy trails if you’re on the road too!

How I did it: I took a shot of the outside of my house for the bricks. I cut the window out of white card stock and took shots of a single pig in different positions in the window. Finally, I compiled everything in PS Elements with a few minor tweaks in Lightroom.


3 thoughts on “Day 72 – “not by the hair on our chinny chin chins”

  1. You are setting an example for me! Not sure I will go for everyday but once a week for sure. How do you like the Lightroom and Elements combination?

    • Thanks Jim. :-) The everyday shot is pretty tough and time consuming, but I’m having fun. I am enjoying the LR/Elements combo, especially now that I’ve upgraded my Elements to the most recent version. I’ve found that LR just gives me an easy interface to make basic edits.

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