Day 67: “I can ride my horse, and get there.”

This is shot no. 15 in the Literary Series. Today’s shot was inspired by D. H. Lawrence’s “The Rocking-Horse Winner,” which is about a little boy who rides his rocking horse to “see” horse race winners for his greedy mother. Here is a link to the story if you’re interested in reading it:

Shot Specs:
1/10 sec @ f/9.0, 28mm, ISO 100, Canon 480 EXII @ 1/64 snooted

How I did it:  This shot was set up in a doll house.  My camera was on a tripod, and my strobe was handheld and snooted with my flashbender.  I overwrapped the flashbender into a conical snoot to get a smaller resulting light.  When taking the shot, I’d hold the snooted strobe close to the edge of the dollhouse floor, just camera left, aimed straight at the rocking horse, and a little above the floor (to create an arc of light).


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