Day 54: Grumpy

365-Day 54 by t.goff
365-Day 54, a photo by t.goff on Flickr.

This is shot no. 2 in the Literary Series. Today I resorted to a 3/4 shot of Grumpy from the Disneyfied version of the Snow White tale. Nothing fancy or imaginative, I trudge on.

Shot Specs:
2.5 sec @ f/7.1, 50mm, ISO100, Canon 480 EXII @ 1/64, Hytec LED Desk Lamp

How I did it: Grumpy is in my macro studio. The Hytec lamp is camera right, pointed across the plane of the backdrop. The strobe is slightly camera left about 8 ft away from Grump and 2 feet above, angled down at him.


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