Day 48: Don’t Drink the Water

365-Day 48 by t.goff
365-Day 48, a photo by t.goff on Flickr.

This is shot no. 28 in the Fear Series; only 3 more days to go. I tried my best to get a gush of blood from the spout. Alas, all I could muster was a trickle. I was getting some cool shadows when taking test shots with the regular old incandescents of the bathroom but ran out of time trying to recreate them with my strobe.  I left the wacky angle, in lieu of straightening, because I thought it was more fun.

Shot Specs:
30 sec @ f 3.5, 18mm, ISO 400, Canon 480 EXII @ 1/64

How I did it: The camera is on a Sunpak flexipod in the bottom of the tub. I made some fake blood–3 parts corn syrup; 1 part water; a couple of drops of red, blue, and green food dye; a smidge of chocolate syrup; and a couple of teaspoons of corn starch–yummy. I loaded the fake blood into a turkey baster and shot it up the spout before each shot. Incidentally, this was taken in a completely dark room, so I popped my strobe 3 times at the ceiling to brighten it evenly.


2 thoughts on “Day 48: Don’t Drink the Water

    • Not really, no. They likely have a similar feel. was “blood” from an incident. This “blood” is supposed to be coming from the spout (not an entire win there because I couldn’t get enough up the spout), ala Evil Dead where blood is running through and gushing out of the pipes. Also, I didn’t make the blood in Just Cleaning Up. Here I did, because I thought it would look interesting against the blue tub.

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