Day 45: Lost

365-Day 45 by t.goff
365-Day 45, a photo by t.goff on Flickr.

This is shot no. 25 in the Fear Series. Yes. This is me. Under water. I actually learned something about myself today: I panic when submerged. Ha, this makes “looking relaxed” tricky. I’ve been wanting to do this shot for a while but was never sure how to position the camera (where to “hang” it basically) or how to light it. I’m still not entirely happy with the lighting and am thinking it might have been better to just aim my strobe at the ceiling to get a more even light (less light ripples in the water), but what I have will have to do. On to the next…

Shot Specs:
2.5 sec @ f 5.6, 25mm, ISO 100, Canon 480EX II @ 1/8 -0.3, Hytec LED desk lamp

How I did it: The camera is on a Sunpak flexipod, hanging from a towel rack above my head. For light, the desk lamp is clamped to the shower head and pointed at the ceiling and the strobe is sitting on the edge of the tub (nearest the top of the shot) and shot directly into the corner of the tub (bottom right of the shot).


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