Day 40: Three Little Jacks

365-Day 40 by t.goff
365-Day 40, a photo by t.goff on Flickr.

This is shot no. 20 in the Fear Series; only 11 more to go! Today I took a portrait of one of my old office mates, Jack. Every Halloween, Jack came out to sit on the back of “Shredder,” our office mascot and dynamite paper shredder. Jack will be 7 this year, and he still helps haunts my home office. On a sad note, I received word a few weeks back that Shredder, who had gone to live with another coworker when our office was disbursed, had finally been put out to pasture. At least Jack is still alive and kickin’.

Shot Details:
15 sec @ f 16, 50mm, ISO 100

How I did it: This is a single exposure, and there is only one Jack in this shot. My camera is on a tripod. I started the shot with Jack centered. Then I counted to 6 and swung the camera slightly left, then counted to 6 again and slung the camera back past to slightly right of middle.


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