Day 39: Just Around the Corner

365-Day 39 by t.goff
365-Day 39, a photo by t.goff on Flickr.

This is shot no. 19 in the Fear Series. This morning was terrifically eerie…smoggy, overcast…so I thought I’d head to a storm drainage tunnel and take my trike along with me to make the most of it. The venture out was fun. It required a little wading, but overall, I think it was worth it, so long as I don’t contract some sort of disease from wading in this muck.

Tech Details:
2.5 sec @ f 16, 18mm, ISO 100, Canon 480EX II strobe @ 1/1

How I did it: I fired my strobe twice here: once directly at the trike, trike level and once along the left wall via a 45 degree angle toward the opening. My goal in pointing the strobe along the wall was to disburse the light along it.


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