Day 30: Just Cleaning Up

365-Day 30 by t.goff
365-Day 30 on Flickr.

This is shot no. 10 in the Fear Series. Today’s shot was pretty simple, no fancy lighting…just me, having fun with some chocolate syrup. On a sad note, my camera may have croaked on this shot. It’s pretty much unresponsive. If, indeed, my camera *is* out to pasture, I may have to continue this project with my point and shoot until I get a replacement or get the old one fixed. Oh goody. Things are getting messy.
Shot Specs:
1/8 sec @ f/4, 22mm, ISO 100, lighting is overhead incandescent and a 32″ silver reflector top left of frame aimed down into the front left corner of the sink.


6 thoughts on “Day 30: Just Cleaning Up

    • Ugh, it was awful. My heart sunk. Ha, the irony of it all crossed my mind, too. Happily, I figured out the issue and was able to get her back up and running. The battery was acting wonky I guess, giving me a “battery full” read out and ability to see my settings but apparently not enough power to trigger the shutter. After a recharge, she’s good as new. Thank goodness I don’t have to resort to the point and shoot.

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